Pygmalion artwork

Auditions: May 20 and 21 – 6-8 PM

Ecclesia School of the Arts

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Callbacks: May 22 at 6 PM.
Rehearsals: May 27  – Monday-Friday from 6 to 9 PM.
Performances: June 27-30.
Tech week: June 23-26.


Pygmalion, the play that inspired the musical My Fair Lady, tells the original story of Cockney flower seller Eliza Doolittle and phonetics professor Henry Higgins, as Higgins wagers that he can present Eliza as a proper lady of society in six months or less.


Eliza Doolittle. 18-28. A Cockney flower seller who dreams of running her own store and comes to Higgins for elocution lessons to achieve her goal. At first meek and easily frightened, Eliza’s growth in confidence and capability as a result of Higgins’s experiment is the driving force of the story.

Professor Henry Higgins. 20s-40s. A professor of phonetics with a unique talent for identifying, copying, and teaching dialects. Though Higgins’s careless and selfish treatment of others stems more from obliviousness than malice, it creates issues for those around him nonetheless.

Colonel Pickering. 20s-40s. A friend of Higgins, fellow lover of phonetics, and partner in the wager.

Mrs. Higgins. 50s+. Higgins’s mother, as sharp-tongued as she is witted.

Mr. Doolittle. 40s+. Eliza’s father, content with the moral freedoms allowed by his lower-class way of life.

Freddy Eynsford Hill. 16-28. The quiet son of a poorer upper-class family, regularly steamrolled by his sister.

Clara Eynsford Hill. 16-28. The headstrong daughter of a poorer upper-class family, obsessed with seeming up-to-date.

Mrs. Eynsford Hill. 40s+. Freddy and Clara’s mother, an old fashioned woman who is put off by the changing manners of the age.

Mrs. Pearce. 20s-40s. Higgins’s underappreciated housekeeper and de facto caretaker.

Please prepare two 30-second monologues in a Received Pronunciation (British English) accent. At least one of the monologues should be comedic. No Cockney accents. Please bring a completed audition form and headshot to your audition. Resumes are appreciated but not required.

For any questions, please feel free to email the director, Jonathan Brennan:

For crew: stage manager for full rehearsal process, at least three additional crew members to be backstage for tech week and performances. Possibly someone to run the lighting and/or sound, depending on how Ecclesia is set up.

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